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        How to choose Mini circuit breaker?

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        Micro circuit breaker is widely used in life, so do you know what its function is and how to select MCB? What is the correct way to use MCB?

        • What is the application of MCB?

        • How to select MCB?

        • How to use MCB safely?


        What is the application of MCB?

        The MCB is mainly used for overload and short circuit protection in lines with rated voltage up to 400V and rated current 125A, as well as infrequent motor operation and infrequent circuit conversion. Micro circuit breaker is widely used in industrial, commercial, high-rise buildings and residential buildings because of its rail installation, modular size, diverse functions, beautiful appearance, safe use and other characteristics.

        How to select MCB?

        1. The rated working voltage of the MCB is greater than or equal to the rated line voltage.

        2. The rated current of the MCB must be greater than or equal to the line calculated load current.

        3. The rated short-circuit breaking capability of the MCB is greater than or equal to the maximum short-circuit current that may occur in the circuit.

        4. The setting current of the instantaneous MCB trip is less than 0.8 times of the single-phase ground short circuit current at the end of the line.

        5. Consider the coordination between the on-off capability of short delay short circuit and the delay protection level.

        6. Determine the number of poles of the MCB based on the number of lines to be protected. For example, the general household electricity is single-phase, the line is composed of neutral line and live line. If both lines need protection, choose the bipolar circuit breaker; If the neutral wire does not need protection, select a one-pole circuit breaker.

        How to use MCB safely?

        1. Before use, wipe the antirust oil on the working surface of the electromagnet, so as not to affect its action value.

        2. During regular maintenance, dust should be removed from the automatic switch, so as not to reduce its insulation.

        3. After use for a certain number of times, the burrs and particles on the contact surface should be removed; When the contact wear exceeds 1/3 of the original thickness, it should be replaced.

        4. Once the setting value of the release device is adjusted, it shall not be changed at will and shall be checked regularly to avoid misoperation or non-action of the release device. After long-term use, check whether the spring is rusty and stuck, so as not to affect its action. For semiconductor release, the action should be checked periodically with the test button.

        5.After disconnecting the short-circuit current of the MCB, check the contacts before cutting off the upper-layer power supply. If found to have serious electric burn traces, available dry cloth wipe; If the contact points are found to be burnt, they can be carefully trimmed with fine sandpaper or a fine file. However, the main contacts are generally not allowed to be trimmed with a file.

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