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        What are the components of a Mini circuit breaker?

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        The MCB is a device that many people buy for their home or office, so what does it do? What are the features of a Mini circuit breaker? How does a circuit breaker work?

        • What does a Mini circuit breaker consist of?

        • What is the operation of the MCB?

        • How does the MCB work?


        What does a Mini circuit breaker consist of?

        1.The outer shell securely holds all internal components and protects them from dust. It is made of insulating materials, such as plastic or ceramic.

        2.A pair of contacts can be found in the MCB. One of them is fixed and the other is movable.

        3.Use this knob to open and close the MCB.

        4.A latch arrangement was performed inside the MCB to hold the contacts in the ON position under spring tension.

        5.The bimetallic sheet provides delayed overload protection by inducing long periods of flow greater than its rated current.

        6.Solenoid valves provide instantaneous short circuit protection by releasing mechanical latches. The solenoid valve is activated when the current through the coil exceeds a specified value, usually more than three times its rated current. The solenoid will not be activated by overload.

        7. The arc extinguishing chamber is used for arc splitting and arc extinguishing.

        What is the operation of the MCB?

        1.The MCB can be turned on and off manually. This feature is very useful, especially during maintenance. The internal latch is made to hold the fixed contacts automatically once the knob is pushed to the ON position. When closed, the pressure exerted by our fingers on the knob releases the latch and opens the contacts.

        2.When a device is overloaded, it draws more current from the power supply. This current flows through the bimetal sheet and heats it. A bimetallic strip deformed when heated will knock down the latch, opening the contacts and isolating the device from the power supply.

        3.A sudden rise in current during a short circuit creates an MMF strong enough to project plunder onto the latch and release it, thus opening the contacts.

        4. When the contact is opened under load, an arc is formed between the stationary contact and the moving contact. The contacts are designed so that the arc formed between them moves outward through the arc channel and reaches the arc separator or arc quencher. An arc separator or arc quencher is a device to increase the length of the arc, split and quench the arc.

        How does the MCB work?

        1. In case of overload, more than the rated current is driven through the MCB. When an electric current flows through the bimetal, it heats up and bends, deflecting it and releasing the mechanical latch. The deflection time of the bimetallic sheet depends on the amount of current flowing through the sheet. The higher the current, the faster the bimetal will deflect.

        2. During a short circuit, the transient current flowing through the solenoid forces the plunger toward the latch. This action instantaneously releases the mechanical latch and immediately opens the contact.

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