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        What is the application of Mini circuit breaker?

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        Micro circuit breaker is a very common device in life, so do you know what its specific application is? Why do people buy MCBS? How does a circuit breaker work?

        • What is a miniature circuit breaker?

        • How does the MCB work?

        • What is the application of MCB?

        What is a miniature circuit breaker?

        An MCB or miniature circuit breaker is an electromagnetic device that contains a complete housing in molded insulation. The main function of the MCB is to switch the circuit, that is, to automatically open the circuit (the circuit already connected to it) when the current passing through it (MCB) exceeds its set value. If necessary, it can be turned on and off manually like a normal switch.


        How does the MCB work?

        MCB is a delay tripping device, the size of the overcurrent control action time. This means that they will operate as long as the overload is present long enough to be dangerous to the protected circuit. As a result, the MCB will not respond to transient loads such as switching surges and motor starting currents. Typically, these designs operate for less than 2.5 ms during short circuit failures and 2 seconds to 2 minutes in the case of overloads, depending on current levels.

        What is the application of MCB?

        1. Like all circuit breakers, MCBS are designed to protect the house from circuit overloads. They are much safer than typical fuses because they can be reset manually and can handle much more power. circuit breakers manage energy flow and correctly distribute voltage even when many devices use the same power circuit.

        2. In some cases, you can use a MCB with a ground fault or arc fault mechanism because the circuit breaker consists of a system that opens contacts if a line ground fault occurs.

        3. Use MCBS in your house's lighting system because they can handle the amount of electricity needed to illuminate the house, especially when using certain types of lights, such as fluorescent bulbs. When the lights are turned on, extra power is required, which can cause problems with the circuitry, especially if the lights are used extensively throughout the house.

        4. There are many small industrial buildings that use mini-circuit breakers instead of old fuses. These installations require capacities of up to 30 kA, making MCBS ideally suited for such applications and equipment. Same as commercial installations and applications. Some industrial applications that use MCBS are large stoves and appliances used in restaurants, bakeries, and commercial food stores.

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