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        About Us

        Zhejiang Chinehow Technology Co., Ltd. , founded in 2003, is an enterprise specializes in the production of circuit protection and circuit connection products, now occupying an area approximately 40000㎡ . Our company now has 217 employees, the engineering team consists of 28 R&D experienced engineers, 58 administrative staff. Our company has offices distributed all around the globe to localize and custom by district preferrence in order to better service our clients needs. Our product and service are being shipped, delivered over 70 countries and regions around the world.

        Zhejiang Chinehow Technology Co., Ltd

        Based on the deep understanding of circuit protection and the unremitting pursuit of high quality products , Chinehow allocate huge budget every year on product development and technology research to get its own unique patented technology , thus to ensures a leading position in this industry. In the future, Chinehow’s product will be one of the most specialized, humanized and widely used high-quality circuit protection product in the world.

        About Us

        Our products are widely used in multiple scenarios for industry or domestic use all center around the function of circuit protection and connection, such as communication power , server industry (PDU UPS) , lighting control, generator, welding machine, railway system, etc.. Chinehow aims to provide high performance, customized solutions to cater the needs for our customers, weld the essence of practical and durability into each product.




        CONTACT US

        ?  No.127 Nixiang North Rd,
        Wenzhou Oujiangkou Industrial  Cluster District, Zhejiang 325000 China.

        ?  +86-577-86798882

        ?  sales@chinehow.com


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